V.I.T.A. SpA, leader for public transport, hire buses, minibuses and cars for over 50 years in the Valle d'Aosta and the Canavese.

VITA (Valdostana Automobile Transport Company) was founded December 21, 1961 by the Calliera family and since then has corporate control and strategic guidance.

"It was really a bet, once, mine - says the founder Sergio Calliera. Starting the company was aiming everything on the coach as a privileged means of popular locomotion. And that happened in the years when the economic miracle wanted to put all of us only on cars. And, in fact, the cars where increasing everyday more and more. "

Over the years VITA grows, experiments with new realities, such as the Motor-Home for Formula One and World GP or service transport for Juventus F.C., opens new operational sites alongside the headquarter in Arnad. It has its modern means and related to the changing needs of the passengers.

Meanwhile, Sergio Calliera let on to his children Jean Pierre, Robert and Francesca.

Since 2010 the company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004, "is a commitment made in the first person - said the company - trying to limit and reduce the environmental impacts related to 'public transport operation (emissions, consumption of energy resources, use or contamination of water, air, soil and subsoil)."