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Modulo Bus
il nuovo modo di viaggiare su misura per le tue esigenze

Modulo Bus” is your space on board when, where and how you want.

You will absolutely customize it to fit your needs, we will ensure the maximum comfort during the journey with special attention to people with disabilities.

For them, arrangements were designed to ensure the transport of wheelchairs and / or stretchers.

What you get with ``Bus module``:

  • Changing the number of seats which results in increased space between theseats to the benefit of passenger comfort
  • versions “Deluxe” option to install up to a maximum of 9 individual seats on one side of the car to travel first class
  • versions dedicated to the transport of disabled persons, the lift you access the passenger in a wheelchair or on a stretcher
  • where required by special needs of customers, the toilet is in the cockpit with decking uniform as to allow access in wheelchair
  • leather seats recline and extendible, with little table on the backrest and leg rest and foot rest. TV monitors, DVD, CD, GPS, WIFI, coffee machine, double refrigerator, 220V with multiple connection points are located in the cockpit.


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