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Rental Bus and Minibus
Servizi per gite e viaggi di lunga percorrenza, a destinazione nazionale e/o internazionale, servizi di transfer e bus navetta

V.I.T.A. S.p.A. transport leader in Aosta Valley is available for the bus rental with drivers for national and international travel.

V.I.T.A. S.p.A. offers a complete, qualified and efficient to satisfy all your needs. Our experienced staff will lead you in a relaxing and safety environment through the roads of Italy and Europe, establishing always with passengers a relationship of cordiality and friendship.

V.I.T.A. S.p.A.  has minibus and bus Gran Turismo from 8 to 91 seats, from graphics and eye-catching colours. Our fleet exceeds 100 units.

Our vehicles are equipped with all the comforts to travel safely and comfortably as: leather seats and precious velvets, reclining and extendible, monitor TV, DVD, CD, GPS, WIFI, coffee machine, double refrigerator, 220V with different connection points located in the cockpit and toilet.

With “Modulo Bus” only you can customize your bus tailored to your needs.

V.I.T.A. S.p.A.

offers customers the opportunity to rent cars, minibuses, buses or vehicles for transportation of persons with disabilities. Such vehicles are approved and fitted with equipment specifically designed to ensure the transport of wheelchairs and/or stretchers and provide maximum comfort during the journey.

They are equipped with lifting board and safety devices, of floor toilet with decking uniform such as to allow the movement of wheelchairs.

V.I.T.A. S.p.A.thinks even for athlets and offers them the possibility to equip the bus with:

  • trailer to transport bikes with a capacity of 50 normal bicycles or 25 Professional
  • SkiBox for transporting skis

VITA SpA has a workshop equipped with advanced equipment, run by staff with specific experience and high professionalism, which makes maintenance cycles prior to scheduled intervals to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the conditions of efficiency and safety of the vehicle. The help is provided 24 hours 24.

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