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Rules and Conditions
Viaggi Turistici

The use of vehicles for tourist travel is governed by EC Regulation no. 561/2006 and subsequent amendments and additions. In these rules VITA SpA it strictly abide to safeguard the security of travel of its staff and transported.

Interregional bus

General Term and Condition Bus Lines

  •  You must compulsorily book your travel, either at one of the listed travel agencies or at V.I.T.A. S.p.A.- The transport of small-size pets is allowed, provided that you carry out the necessary precautions in order to make them harmless (e.g. with a muzzle), by paying a full price ticket.

    – It is strictly forbidden to transport valuables or fragile items in the hold luggage. V.I.T.A. S.p.A. is not responsible for their deterioration or loss, unless you provide a declaration of their value and we accept it. We are responsible for the luggage loss or damage for a maximum of € 6.20/kg or for the maximum amount stated on the declaration of value, unless we have proof that the deterioration or loss happened for reasons not attributable to the driver. The luggage weight must be registered and must not exceed a maximum of 15 kg. If it is the case of art. 7 of UE Regulation n. 181/2011 – regarding the damage or loss of luggage caused by an accident – V.I.T.A. S.p.A. is not responsible. V.I.T.A. S.p.A. is not even responsible for the loss or damage of luggage or items that are not delivered to the driver, unless the passenger has proof that these happened for reasons attributable to him. One cannot expect any automatic reimbursement, passengers can only expect to be refunded if they provide proof of the damages. V.I.T.A. S.p.A. must be notified of the damages or losses immediately after the travel, if these are obvious, or within 3 days, if these are not obvious. Each passenger can carry one luggage, so the additional – or voluminous – ones will be accepted only depending on the remaining space on board.

    – Tickets are registered under the name of the purchaser and their validity is exclusively limited to the date for which they are released. The seller is not required to reimburse a ticket if the passenger is unable to continue the travel because of his lack of respect of the rules (e.g. if the passenger does not show on time after the break, or if he is asked to get off because he is inebriated or causing trouble). On the other hand, if a passenger cannot make use of his ticket due to force majeure, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. will take care of the full reimbursement against the submission of an adequate documentation demonstrating the cause of that impossibility. Passengers also have right to be fully reimbursed in case of failed execution of the transport – no matter for which reason.

    – In case of national regular services with an estimated distance of > 250 km, if it is forecast that the service will be cancelled or will be more than 120 minutes late at the terminus, or if the reservations exceed the maximum number of allowed passengers on the coach, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. immediately gives the customers a choice between:

    a)    The continuation towards the final destination as soon as possible, in similar conditions, without any additional cost;

    b)    The full reimbursement of the ticket and, if it is the case, a free return ticket to the destination – the place of depart – indicated on the contract, as soon as possible. If the company is not able to offer this choice, customers have the right to get a 50% refund on the ticket price – within a month from the submission of a request of reimbursement – other than the full refund of the ticket already purchased – within 14 days from the receipt of the request.

    In case of malfunctions of the coach during the service, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. ensures the continuation of the travel with another vehicle or, in any case, the transport from that point to the nearest waiting point from which the bus can be changed.

    If a regular service is more than 120 minutes late or cancelled, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. notifies passengers as quickly as possible – in any case, within a maximum of 30 minutes from the departure time – and communicates the new departure time.

    If passengers miss a connection because of a transport delay or cancellation, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. does its best to provide an alternative solution and find them another connection as soon as possible – of course the information will be easily accessible also to people with disabilities.

    If travels of more than 3 hours are expected to be more than 90 minutes late, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. offers:

    a) A reasonable quantity of meals, snacks and drinks, whenever possible – if these are available on the bus or at the station – and depending on the waiting time;

    b) An accommodation and the transport from the station to the hotel, if a one-night – or more than one night – stay will be necessary. For each passenger, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. limits the total accommodation cost – excluding the transport from the station to the lodging – at € 80.00 per night for a maximum of 2 nights, with particular care of the needs of people with reduced mobility and their helpers.

    In case of national regular services with an estimated distance of < 250 km, if the transport is late or interrupted, passengers have right to a full refund from the seller. Season tickets’ holders will be reimbursed for the daily fare, subject to the respect of rules regarding validation.

    On the other hand, V.I.T.A. S.p.A. is not responsible for delays and interruptions due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. strikes, bad weather, breakdowns, congestions, road conditions, authority controls, etc.) that force the driver to stop.

    – The applicable law is the one currently in force in Italy, regardless of the passengers’ nationality. Every disagreement between the customers and V.I.T.A. S.p.A. must be submitted to the Italian Legal Authorities. For every disagreement arisen from the interpretation and/or the execution of the transport contract, only the Court of Aosta will be in charge. In case of passengers residing in Italy that are considered “consumers” as of art. 3.1 lett. A) D.Lgs. 206/2005 (cd. Codice del Consumo), only the Court based in their home town will be in charge.


Terms and Conditions Transfer from Airports and Railway Stations

Terms and Conditions for low cost transfers from the airports of Milan Malpensa and Linate, Turin Caselle, Genova and Geneva for the Valle d’Aosta and/or vice versa. Local services, to and from all locations in the Valle d’Aosta.

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The contractual conditions that govern the online services of Transfer Vallée is provided in Annex “Transfer Agreement“.



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 General Terms and Conditions Transfer Vallée

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